Here at Sunwood Homes we pride ourselves on putting together a best in class team of staff and partners. A key piece to that puzzle is making sure our customers have the financing they need to get into their new home.

In the marketplace there are literally thousands of mortgage options with various loan programs. That is why Sunwood Homes has partnered with Alex Hernandes of  Academy Mortgage to make that financing process seamless.

Why We Strongly Recommend Our Preferred Lender

We help the financing process move smoothly by being in constant contact with the financing team every step of the way as our builds progress.

This allows Alex and his team to:
  • Give you a pre approval that will give you confidence in knowing you can ACTUALLY close on the house once it is done.
  • Get you connected with the best possible loan program for your situation.
  • Know exactly the time lines on what documentation/ underwriting needs to be done in order to close on the house right when it's done.
  • Tell you exactly the best time to lock in your interest rate based on market conditions and the progress of the build. Far too many times we have seen people lock "too early" or "too late" costing them thousands in additional underwriting fees.
Alex and his team have mastered Sunwood Homes New Construction Loans and frankly their service cannot be beat. Not a single pre approval has failed to close, and not a single home has been finished without his team ready to close the deal.
We are honored to have Alex apart of our team and highly recommend you follow the link below to get pre approved today.